Get Cabinet Refinishing Services in Marlton & Cherry Hill, NJ

Get Cabinet Refinishing Services in Marlton & Cherry Hill, NJ

We proudly provide cabinet refinishing around the Morristown, Medford & Mount Laurel, NJ regions

At DAS Painter LLC, we aren't just a cabinet painter. After all, painted cabinets last only a year before they need to be repainted. We offer services that will keep your cabinets in great condition for much longer. We use the best methods and products on the market to give you unparalleled cabinet refinishing, including a cleaning process with an ultraviolet light hardened epoxy that comes with a 5-year guarantee on the finish.

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Explore out kitchen cabinet painting services & refinishing process

The refinishing process we use allows your cabinets to take a beating!

  • Prep - We clean cabinets to make sure they're fully prepared
  • Prime - We prime the surface to block stains and stop bleed-through
  • Color Mixture - We mix the color, helping prevent chipping and peeling
  • Application - We smoothly apply paint with no brush strokes
  • Top Coat - We use an ultraviolet light which dries quickly
We understand that kitchen cabinets should stand the test of time, and we offer a 5-year guarantee on the finish.

Polyurethane coatings

The coating we use is an Italian polyurethane coating called Milesi. Polyurethane wood coatings provide a hard, durable surface which will help prevent yellowing or lightening of your cabinets. This range of clear and pigmented polyurethane products includes the following:

  • Clear basecoats
  • Pigmented basecoats
  • Clear and matte topcoats, basecoats
  • Clear and glossy topcoats
  • Matt and pigmented topcoats
  • Pigmented and glossy topcoats
  • Waxy top coats purposely made for "Arte Povera" style furniture
  • Embossed, metallic and pearl effect top coats
  • Exotic wood sealers and melamine paper foils
  • Acrylic base coats
  • Acrylic top coats
Additionally, Nano-C is a nanotechnology that was produced by Milesi. This makes the surface resistant to scratches and abrasion while leaving the top coats unaltered.

Polyester coatings

Our polyester coatings include air-drying or UV curing waxed polyester coats. An unsaturated resin base is combined with proprietary paraffin to act as a barrier between the paint and the air. The result is even drying and increased durability.

Polyester is perfect for cabinets because they provide a closed pore finish which, when sanded and polished, provides a high gloss pigmented or transparent wet look topcoat.

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